raw empowerment session

love yourself, no one else will do it for you

our entire journey is a seeking and becoming the manifestation and truth of our very being. our very being wants out; it wants to be explored and shine. as humans, we can be too ashamed or scared to deal with our trauma. but this manifests physically, verbally, emotionally. it affects our very being, from how we think, dress and make every decision in our day. you may notice that little satisfaction comes from your efforts. that we are churning and churning with little to no emotional satisfaction. this is because you're not in tune with your true self. you have created these layers that you protect yourself from others. this is because you're scared of the repercussions of judgement. i want to seek out these protective layers and destroy them. i don't want you to stay lost in a shadow. where cinder and smoke hang in the air. i want your story to come to light and i want you to see the beautiful person you are smiling back at you when you look in the mirror.

look up, way up

raw empowerment sessions are not modeling sessions. i am not capturing societal beauty, the expectations that have been placed upon you. i am capturing your being as it is, as the beautiful being you have become. i want you to love your being or change the way you interact with it. i want you to look up, way up and realize that we are but a tiny piece of this universe and that our human form is a way for the universe to realize itself. and i want you to carry this realization forward in enjoy waking breath you make.

let's mark this day, together

the sessions are an exploration of self and of being, they're a spiritual realization that is experienced and manifested through our physical form. you may use the session to mark an end to an old way of thinking, to your new presence, the very being you are manifesting.

who i want to work with

i want mom's and daughters and uncles and nephews and friends of all types. i want people of all histories, of all cultures, of all experiences and walks of life. i want all traumas and realizations to be fully expressed. i want people dealing with a sense of belonging because of their gender, race, spirituality, outward appearance or inner feelings. i want you to cry if you feel like it. i want to give you a voice if you feel powerless. i want your entire being to interact with my entire being and come away a slightly different person.

trust me

let's create beauty through realization. let's explore the frailty and fragility of this life. let's explore what it means to be a human being experiencing this great world we've grown up with. talk to me. send me an essay. send me a journal entry. just don't be afraid. let's take the next step through humanity together and let's see what we create.

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