Wedding Testimonials

Barb & Eric

About Hiring Brett: From the Groom

Hiring Brett to shoot our wedding was one of the best choices we made during our wedding planning process! Negotiating the contract was simple and straight-forward, and he accommodated some unusual requests the nature of our jobs required.

On the wedding day, Brett showed up dressed for the occasion—not something all photographers do—and proceeded to blend in seamlessly with the crowd. In fact, we didn’t even realize he was still at the reception until we saw a camera flash, looked at the clock, and realized it was almost 2 hours past the time we had contracted for. He knowingly stayed late, taking dozens of additional shots, providing value well beyond what we paid for. 

Brett was exceptionally polite and accommodating. Many of our guests complimented us on our choice of photographer, and the bride’s father was so impressed he invited Brett to drop by for a drink after the wedding. If we ever have need of a professional photographer again, Brett will be the one we hire. 

About Hiring Brett: From the Bride

Halfway through the reception, my father pulled me aside and said ‘Where in the world did you find this photographer?”  He was absolutely floored by Brett’s work – his professionalism, how unbelievably hard he was working, and his willingness to do far more work than we actually hired him to do.  At the same time, Brett was friendly, joining in the fun and being part of the party without intruding on it.  It is an extraordinarily difficult balance to strike and he did it with apparent ease – something that more than half our guests commented on throughout the night. Even my brother-in-law who owned a business providing entertainment at weddings and has attended literally hundreds of them, took me aside to comment on how extraordinary Brett was; doing more than the dozens of other wedding photographers he had encountered. He was better than a photographer; he became a guest and a friend who happened to take extraordinary pictures of the day.

 About the Pictures – From Bride and Groom

We asked for a photo-journalistic, candid feel to the photos – and Brett more than delivered! Every picture was stunning, but more importantly, Brett told the story of our wedding through them.  We – the bride and groom – feature in a lot of them, but one of our favourite pictures is of our fathers working the BBQ with us in the background.  He told our story, captured the beauty of our families, taking pictures of more than just the people or the decorations – he managed to photograph ‘family’, love, our senses of humour and the wild joy of the day.

Brett also took some absolutely extraordinary artistic shots, turning a whimsical lighthearted wedding, complete with toddlers throwing sand, into art. We threw the challenges of difficult lighting, uncooperative children and a very cramped reception at him and he didn’t bat an eye – capturing the moments of the day, not just the pictures and making it look easy in the process. 

Natalia & Aaron

I have had the pleasure of working with Brett for various photography projects, and his enthusiasm for photography has made every experience comfortable, exciting and fun. Recently, my fiancé and I hired Brett for engagement photos. He was extremely attentive to our vision and gave us amazing direction that captured our relationship in beautiful photos that we will treasure for a lifetime. We are so glad to have hired a photographer who is professional, artistic, and has a great attitude that makes the entire process more than enjoyable!

Ashton & Josh

Our day was so special to us and we will remember it forever, and Brett helped us make it memorable. He was a big part of our wedding day. Extremely friendly & flexible, seemed as though he was able to meet us wherever & whenever. He was open to our ideas & suggestions but also had lots of his own. Some moments only last a split second and we seem to have pictures of them all. It felt as though Brett and his second shooter were simply a part of the wedding party! Over all a great experience and now we have stunning pictures to show friends & family.

Jerica & Rob

I have known Brett for almost seven years. When I wanted to have my wedding photographs taken, I knew this would be an easy choice. I wanted natural wedding shots, which is an uncustomary request for many wedding photographers. Brett embraced my ideas and guided me through how we could achieve the best shots that were still natural. He worked with a tough terrain that day, an outdoor November ceremony, lit only be lights and lamps. We had a traditional Scottish wedding and Brett managed to capture the culture, the love and the environment of our friends and family perfectly. What we ended up with was organic shots that reflected my husband and I perfectly. Brett was able to edit the photographs to remove shadows casted by the lamps and made these photos not only memorable, but a bit mystical as well. Though my request was not typical , Brett was flexible and patient with me and my ideas. Thank you so much for being able to translate our personalities into print. 

More Testimonials


I had the privilege of being photographed by Brett when he first starting shooting. It may have started out as a hobby but Brett has become an excellent photographer who is very passionate about his work. Brett has an amazing attitude and was always very easy to work with. His knowledge of photography and years of experience have enabled him to capture the moment and produce incredible photos! I would not hesitate to recommend him and his camera to family and friends.


Innovative and creative. Constantly suggesting new ideas. He was a pleasure to work with and made it an overall joyous experience. I definitely would recommend him for his photography skills as well as his easygoing personality.


Working with Brett on some shoots has been such a blast. His passion comes out though his results time after time but this guy will also be patient enough to explain everything necessary if it will add to the overall product. I like doing shoots with Brett if nothing else but for the confidence boost- he'll say the right thing at the right time and then snap this banger of a photo. It's just awesome. I'm so lucky to be his friend and to have been his Guinea pig back in his learning days. So happy to hear he's doing photography full time now! Can't wait to see his projects.

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