Kayla & Richard - Okanagan Wedding

Kayla & Richard were one of the most interesting couples I had the pleasure of meeting this summer. They were everything I didn’t expect and ended up teaching me a few things about what love and friendship look like.

They’ve been living in Alberta together for a few years now, coming to the Okanagan to vacation and see friends and family and had their wedding in Sicamous, about an hour and a half north of Kelowna, BC. They got married at their parents home on Mara Lake–we had to 4x4 over rough terrain just to get there. It was secluded, peaceful and just their own.

Their wedding party consisted of friends they’ve had for years and years, the type of friends you could say anything to and be your goofy self around without judgement. They themselves interacted with family, friends and each other in a very light way, taking hardly anything too seriously to not smile.

They had hilarious interruptions in their ceremony, like Kayla’s mom having her bulldog sit up on a chair a with her, drastic changes in sunlight (that Kayla’s eyes surely appreciated) and too many screw ups during the ceremony to count. They smiled, they laughed, they had so much fun.

By the time we had our wedding party photos, I was getting to know them better, but I wasn’t prepared for their goofiness. To be honest, I had always associated romance with love until these two showed me what it meant to be in love. When I had them hold hands and stare into each others eyes, they started playing Red Hands, slapping each other’s hands before the other one could move. They laughed and laughed and smiled before hugging and kissing.

I appreciated their love for nature, the fact that they picked apples and ate them right off the tree and loved their friends and family with all their hearts. They teach those around them what love truly is and I can’t wait to see their goofy selves grow stronger over the years.    

Okanagan Yoga Photography - Megan

I met Megan almost two years when I was pre-training for my Ashtanga teacher training in March 2016. She was one of my Ashtanga yoga instructors in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, helping me prep for the gruelling and arduous task of waking up at 5am every day for 8-hours of yoga-related training. I ended up training at the same training centre she trained at in Mysore, India!

Yoga wasn’t foreign to me at this point, but Ashtanga yoga certainly perplexed me every time I took a class. It’s a set of 71-asanas, done entirely sequence, from beginning to end, taking 1.5-2 hours to complete. The classes however usually hone in on sections of the sequence where we go deeper into each movement, understanding the posture, our breathing cadence and the use of our bandhas.

Megan had a very fun, easy going and engaging style. Soft, loving and inspiring, never judgemental and always helpful. I was honoured when she asked me to help her to do a photoshoot to make posters to help her fill her classes.

Megan has incredibly peaceful, feminine energy to her so when we had to do an indoor photoshoot in the middle of January with artificial 3-point lighting, it was a delicate balance to strike, between her muscular physique and who she actually is as a person.

As you can see from our first attempt for posters, they came off as too intimidating. They showed an emphasis of her muscles which could dissuade some clients. We played with it, thought of ways to make it feel lighter & approachable.

This year for her posters, we decided to use softer images for her Hatha poster and an Ashtanga-specific posture for her intermediate class, adding a smiling picture of her face made it feel approachable. This is what we came up with,

This is how the posters look when put beside common yoga posters,

If you’re in the Shuswap/Salmon Arm area, don’t hesitate to give Megan a call. Her classes are every Monday morning and Monday evening for the next 6-weeks. You won’t be disappointed! She’s a lovely person and a fantastic instructor.

And out of interest, here are a couple more images from the photoshoot!

This is sort of an outtake but I thought it was fun,

Megan & Jarid - Okanagan Wedding

I love people that have a zest for life.

There are dreamers who say “one day,” optimists who say, “I will,” and then there are doers who say, “I’m doing this.” Megan and Jarid are doers. They’re the type of people you watch from afar and say, “man, I wish I was doing what they’re doing.” They’re the type of people you hear stories about, triumph or tribulation, they are memorialized by the act of trying. Questions get in the way of a good idea. They move on gut instinct. What feels right to them.

They travel, they explore, they live where they want to live. They make out of life what they want to make out of life. And they came together in those tiny moments that happen in between plans and actuality.

They fell in love in the Prairies, lived in Australia, have travelled all over the world and, after their incredibly thrilling honeymoon, will be back in beautiful British Columbia to build the next chapter of their life.

I couldn’t be more proud to have been blessed with the honour of representing their wedding day and couldn’t be more humbled being surrounded by their incredible network of friends and family. Here’s to your adventure guys and everything that lays ahead!

These two were married in the incredibly beautiful area of Sicamous, British Columbia. Second photographer photos provided by the very talented Nas of Perla Photography. Check her out!

Don’t forget to check out more behind the scenes footage where I snapped some photos of the groomsmen during a session of male bonding ;)

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